Hi I am Sovva, and my real name is Joanna.

I write the Sovvasana blog to provide guidance and resources for people looking for an organised way to dive deeper into yoga-related subjects, beyond just their regular practice on the mat.


I got interested more into yoga asana after my 3-years home practice on the mat. I know that some day I will participate in one or more YTTs (Yoga Teacher Trainings), but before this moment in my life, I set off on my journey to actively expand my knowledge and have fun diving into the huge yoga-world by myself.


There is an overwhelming amount of resources online, and I created this blog with the idea to help people like me select and sort the resources to get a better overview and explore yoga in a organised and somewhat structured manner.


Join me on the journey and enjoy the process!



Email: sovvasana@gmail.com

Instagram: @sovvasana

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